Carleton students "eat the lawn"

Gandhi's favorite? We don't know about that, but purslane is one of many things currently growing on the Carleton College lawn.
What grew out of an independent study for some Carleton College students is now bearing fruit, as it were. Students broke ground on the "Eat the Lawn" project, which is affiliated with the campus food+politics organization Food Truth, a couple months ago. And listen to what dey gots now:

Here's what's growing: genovese basil, red russian kale, all sorts of cherry tomatoes, moon & stars melons, diva cucumbers, many kinds of winter squash, fall-bearing raspberries, marigolds, jewel mix & alaska nasturtiums, pingtung long eggplants, fish peppers, jalapeños, zinnias, mixed sunflowers, bright lights chard, mustard greens, scarlet nantes carrots, detroit dark red beets, chamomile, rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley, cilantro, royal burgondy beans, jasmine-scented nicotiana, jester mix chrysanthemums....

And it's all free for the taking. "The idea behind "Eat the Lawn" is that there's a better way to use open spaces than featureless expanses of turf," says an article in the campus magazine Shout. "So the students of Food Truth have replaced a section of Olin's lawn with a community vegetable garden that will be open to everybody on campus. If one of the future tomatoes looks particularly inviting, you are free to take it."

There's more info. about the garden via Food Truth's site (which, if you haven't already seen, has some great posts and links).

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