Drink of the week: tea latte at The Tea Garden


Tea latte

The Tea Garden

2601 Hennepin Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

St. Paul
1692 Grand Avenue

U of M
825 SE Washington Ave., Mpls,

Perhaps I am a little slow and y'all already knew this, but there is a magical place of wonder, aptly named The Tea Garden, where they make hundreds of varieties of tea lattes, bubble teas, chai and ice teas just because you are thirsty.

With flavors like lavender, jasmine, papaya, green apple, chocolate or passion fruit, it is a little mind boggling to choose. I decided on a watermelon tea latte with tapioca pearls. It was pink, fruity and earthy with its black tea base--the perfect driving with car windows down and stereo cranking sipper.

If you like extra sweetness, you can choose jello-textured jellies instead of pearls. Also on the menu are chai lattes, coolers, shakes, and twenty-five (!) flavors of ice tea-- including my next selection, salted plum.

Drinks are available hot or cold, so any season is right time to get your tea on. You will only be limited (or unlimited) by your imagination.

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