Food Network launching a Wii cooking game

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No one needs to sell us on Wii, but our enthusiasm just got reached a bit more obnoxious heights over the new Food Network game called "Cook or be Cooked" coming out this fall. Epicurious tells us that the game, with better-than-decent precision, allows you to "cook" dozens of different recipes, and will feature animated versions of Food Network personalities. Here's some details:

The game progresses in real time, so if you have to brown a steak for three minutes, it will take an actual three minutes to do so. (You can press a button to speed time up, though, thankfully.) And instead of presenting a linear progression like other games, it's up to you to putter around your kitchen and know when to start boiling the potatoes so that they'll still be warm by the time you finish your wine reduction for the meat.

The post includes detailed "upsides" and "downsides" for you devotees.

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