Gross-out ads pour human fat from soda bottles: Viewer discretion advised

These new NYC Dept of Health ads are so gross that I'm going to have you click to the jump to see one--brace yourself, okay?


Wow! Right?

According to, when the Dept of Health couldn't get its "fat tax" pushed through the local political machinery, they turned to gross-out scare tactics.

Yes, that's human fat, all lumpy and veiny, pouring out of bottles of Gatorade, Snapple, and Coke. "Just trying to be positive and encouraging doesn't always get people's attention," Associate Commissioner Geoff Cowley told the Daily News. "If you get in people's faces a bit, that does get people's attention."

Here in Mn, the local health institutions seem to take a more positive reinforcement tactic, with those cutsey little "Do" ads that try to encourage people to get more exercise by walking the dog and raking the lawn, etc. Are those sorts of ads working, or do we need some NYC-style scare tactics to change our unhealthy habits?

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