Coming Soon: Burger Time (dozens and dozens of them)

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Finance and Commerce reports that the North Dakota-based burger drive-through chain Burger Time will be opening literally dozens of new restaurants in the Twin Cities area in the next several years. "We plan to open 40 stores over the next 48 months," the CEO of the chain's corporate parent, Food Shacks Inc., told the paper. Burger Time's menu is fairly limited, with a handful of burger choices (flame-broiled) and just two non-burgers -- a chicken sandwich and a barbecue rib sandwich. Pricing is about on par with other fast food: Combo meals run between $4.69 and $6.49. The chain already has Minnesota locations in Moorhead, Waite Park, Detroit Lakes, and Fergus Falls. Anyone been to one? Desperately trying to feign interest here but really just nostalgic for this:

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