Month in Review: Opened, closed, & coming soon

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King's Wine Bar, Minneapolis
D'Amico Kitchen, Minneapolis
Curbside, St. Paul
Jackson's Coffee & Gelato, Minneapolis
Lush, Minneapolis

Snap! Pizza and Ice Cream, Minneapolis
Lake House, Forest Lake

OM, Minneapolis
The Anchor Fish & Chips, Minneapolis
Chef Shack Dos, Minneapolis
HomeMade Pizza Co., Minneapolis
Gastronome, Minneapolis
I Love This Bar & Grill (Toby Keith's deal)
Support Group, Minneapolis
Bar La Grasa, Minneapolis
Greenway Cafe, Minneapolis (vegan cafe in Old Arizona building)
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Cafe Cuba, Minneapolis (former Betsy's Porch)
Cooper, St. Louis Park (Kieran Folliard's next Irish pub)
Blue Skies, Minneapolis (former Cesare's owner's wine bar)
Wilde Roast, Stillwater
The Hanger Room, Minneapolis
Jerabek's II, St. Paul
Barrio Taco Truck, St. Paul (next year...sigh)

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