Food Fight: Cake doughnuts

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Remember when Homer sells his soul to Satan (aka Flanders) for a doughnut? Later, in hell, he is unphased when he is forcefed them by the dozen. Ah, to be forcefed doughnuts ... There's a reason it's doughnuts (and beer) Homer so incessantly pines for. Doughnuts live large in our hearts and minds. They're an "everyman" type food, ie if you don't like them, you're just not admitting it. (Mac 'n' cheese is another one.) This week's Food Fight honors two of the Twin Cities' most revered cake doughnuts (Homer's fave). See which one comes out on top:

Mel-O-Glaze is best-known for its glazed doughnuts, but its cake variety are a rich, dense force to be reckoned with in their own right. Sunny and caramel in color, the doughnuts are swollen to the size of a small fist, with the hole nearly squeezed shut -- almost like they're too big for their non-existent britches. It's fun to imagine a time-lapsed video of them quickly rising in the oven from small rings of dough to their outsize proportion. Sweet and heavy, they have an almost lemony accent, and a distinct, buttery tang. Interestingly, the flavor closely replicates the bakery's signature glazed. The texture is consistent inside and out, perhaps a tad drier than your typical cake doughnut.

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