Food Fight: Ground beef

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The good stuff.
With all the recent concerns about meat tainted with E. coli and unsanitary slaughterhouse practices, it's hard to know where to get a safe burger. Well, how about grinding up your own beef and making your own? It's as easy as getting an attachment for your KitchenAid (or even just using your food processor), it's cheap, and there's no worries about your burger coming from multiple sources and being mixed with "mash-like product" and "trimmings" as a recent New York Times' article describes the composition of many industrialized beef patties. Here's the lowdown on two different burger blends:

Burger #1: the raw materials.
Burger #1 was composed of a 55/45 blend of chuck and sirloin from Rainbow. You can readily see how different a patty looks -- that rich, ruby color and those fantastic globules of fat -- when you self-grind, even if it's typical Rainbow-quality.

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