Drink of the week: St. Paul Grill's single malt scotch selection

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Single malt scotch selection

St. Paul Grill

350 Market St., St. Paul

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photos by Steve Neuharth

There are some places where the atmosphere of the room provides the guide to selecting your drink. While I stumbled into the St. Paul Grill to peruse their cocktail menu, this was clearly a place where scotch is meant to be drunk.

By letting our bartender Al chose, we ended up with the perfect selection-- Laphroaig 15 year, a barrel-aged beauty. This scotch was smokey, like a campfire, rich with oak and just a hint of fruit. The ultra-smooth finish had absolutely no burn; it is enlightening (and addictive) to know that amber fluids can be this nice. This scotch made me crave a snowstorm just so I could sit at this bar in this most charming part of Downtown St. Paul, swirling my snifter, talking to friends and just taking it all in.

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