Top 5: Grossest Thanksgiving foods

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Another holiday, another opportunity to torture (or be tortured by) our nearest and dearest at the dinner table. Thanksgiving puts us all in kind of in a pickle. You can try to get away with not taking the Peep-topped sweet potatoes or the potato chip-encrusted potatoes but you have to be pretty covert and chances are someone will notice and say "What, you don't like great grandma's special recipe?" But Option 2 poses a dilemma too. If you do take great grandma's apricot salad (made with cream cheese and that secret ingredient: apricot baby food!), unless you can somehow swirl it up with your other piles of actually good and tasty things, it will be left staring at you like an angry eye. Ah, what to do.

Here are our Top 5 Thanksgiving foods best avoided or artfully disguised:

1. We'll start with appetizers. Wildly annoying name aside, Lit'l Smokies aren't necessarily so bad on their own. What's not to like about a bite-sized pellet of sodium and grease from various protein sources after all? Where smokies take the unadvisable step from benign and kitschy to just uh-uh is when sauces and coverings start to get involved. Like syrup-sweet and thick barbecue sauce or sweet and sour sauce. And the whole staying-in-the-mini-crockpot-all-day thing?

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