Top 5: Ways to spend T-giving weekend, foodie-style

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1. WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Hit Shefzilla's Pre-Thanksgiving Bash
Have you ever seen a bunch of drunk chefs dance? Yeah, me neither. But this Wednesday night, starting at 9:00 pm, you'll have your chance as Stewart Woodman, aka Shefzilla is throws his first ever Pre-Thanksgiving Bash at Sunny's Midtown, 2940 Chicago Ave in Minneapolis.

Woodman and his sous chef David Vlach (he launched Town Talk, back in the day, remember?) will take shifts cooking for the crowd along with Ferris Schifffer of the Minikahda Club and Vincent Francoual, of Vincent's. Apparently there will be a special cocktail on hand made with UV Vodka called the "Pink Zilla" that should cause you to breathe fire like the little Shefzilla avitar on Woodman's blog.

There's a $10 cover, and a portion of all proceeds will benefit Second Harvest Heartland. It should be a lot more exciting than meeting up with your old high school friends at William's.

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