A.V. Club lists local drinks with flu-fighting power

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This winter, beat back the flu by drinking say the folks over at the A.V. Club. "Fruit and dairy products are great sources of sickness-curing vitamins, and if you add a little booze, they can even be fun," they say. Here's five local drinks to get you started flu-busting.

Mykl Roventine/Flickr
1. The Irish Float (Guinness and ice cream) at Town Talk Diner. "Dairy is a good source of vitamin D, an unsung hero in the flu battle." (Sub-recommendation: a White Russian.)

2. The Big Ginger (Jameson, gingerale, lemon, and lime) at The Local. "Throughout the world, ginger is used as a folk medicine to treat and prevent, among other things, the flu and common cold."

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