Epic Sandwich: Edina Grill's new-school meatloaf sandwich

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Jessica Akin
Edina Grill's Blue Plate Meatloaf Sandwich
The menu at the Edina Grill is resolute in claiming that their Blue Plate Meatloaf Sandwich ($11) is "better than your Mom's." Now, I'm not saying I agree with that statement--it's tough to beat meatloaf stuffed with ham and Italian cheeses--and neither would most moms, but I will say that it's pretty darn good.

Like many of the dishes at the Edina Grill, the kitchen adds a few wrinkles to this classic. For starters, they grill a serious slice of the savory pre-roasted meat loaf to add a nice char flavor and crust. Instead of coating everything in the typical ketchup, BBQ sauce, or cheese they swing for the fences with a chipotle ketchup that brings a bit of smoke to the table. I'm not a believer in the adding-chipotle-to-everything trend, but this sauce had a nice kick. Fresh tomato was also a welcome twist that had me thinking this sandwich was more like a meatloaf-burger hybrid: Awesome.

A creamy horseradish sauce helped to cut through the strong presence of onion, but adding it on top of the ketchup left the sandwich as over-sauced as your high school friends at the bar on Thanksgiving Eve.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. Leaving both sauces on the side, or dialing the ketchup back a bit would help bring some needed balance to this classic sandwich, but the savory meatloaf with the smoky accents and grilled exterior make for a pretty comforting lunch--even if it isn't quite as good as my mom's.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2009 by Teddy Hobbins

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