Food Fight: Pho Tau Bay vs. Pho 79 pho

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Pho is one of those rare dishes that serves not only as comfort food but also -- sodium aside -- as a fairly healthy dining option. Plus, unlike comfort staples like mac and cheese or mashed potatoes, it's an entire meal: protein and veg and all! Plus, nothing like pho to soften the brittle edges of a cold, winter day. Ahh. Here's how two Eat Street phos compare:

According to its menu, Pho Tau Bay's "pho tau bay dac biet" (menu item #1) comes with "fresh sliced beef, flank, tendon, tripe and beef meatballs."

While I don't particularly dig the meatballs that come with pho anyway, (Truth be told, the tendon and tripe make me a little queasy as well.) my #1 didn't have any meatballs to speak of, nor did it come with cilantro as is customary with most phos. And no onions?!

That said, it was a perfectly acceptable pho: lots of fresh, crunchy bean sprouts, basil, and jalapeños alongside a pile of meat and various entrails. The broth was a little weak --more pale and translucent than I expect a beef broth to be, and lacking in flavor, but this can be overlooked by adding lots of lime juice and hot sauce. Price: $7.25.

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