Onion A.V. Club book features 13 horrible fast food ideas

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Quirky coffee table book slash gift idea alert: Just in time for the holidays, the Onion's A.V. Club has put out a new book full of Top 10 lists for the ADD-afflicted everywhere. Lists include such nonsense as "35 Things We'll Forever Associate With 'The Simpsons,'" "6 Keanu Reeves Movies Somehow Not Ruined by Keanu Reeves," and for the food obsessed: "13 Particularly Horrible Fast Food Innovations."

The McGangBang and Double Down apparently weren't enough to dissuade the book's editors. They had to take it a whole 11 steps further. Book editor Josh Modell was on NPR's "Weekend Edition" over the weekend, where he gave a taste of some of the fast food monstrosities, including Domino's Oreo Pizza and Krispy Kreme's doughnut-flavored frozen beverage.

Bizarre Oreo pizza ad after the jump.

Check out some of the A.V. Club's other "Bests of the Decade."

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