Top 10: Food safety news stories of 2009

Peanuts, milk, and cookie dough all got people sick this year, but the gross-out award goes hands-down to ground beef. Four out of the Top 10 food safety stories named on a food news site point fingers at the raw meat for its bad record of carrying E. coli or salmonella or at authorities for not testing it properly before waving it through to the cafeteria trays of the nation's schoolchildren. Here's a breakdown. You might want to save that steak tartare for later.

1. The New York Times' story on the Cold Spring woman who got E. coli and was later paralyzed after eating a frozen Cargill burger. We blogged about it here on Hot Dish.

2. A Washington Post story about a woman who contracted E. coli from Nestlé chocolate chip cookie dough, which prompted the U.S. House to pass the Food Safety Act of 2009.

3. Peanuts cause hundreds of cases of salmonella -- and nine deaths -- in 46 states. Here's one of our posts on the topic.

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