Top 5: most memorable food news stories of the year

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Lots of pretty cool things happened in the local restaurant scene this past year: We witnessed the opening of restaurants like Sea Change, Bar La Grassa, Kings Wine Bar, Anchor Fish & Chips and others. The year also had its share of bummers: We lost Chelly's, Morelos, the Cliquot Club, and Cafe Brenda. And let's not forget major gross-outs: The Au Bon Pain mouse is enough to haunt you for life. Somewhere in there were quite a few just memorable news stories, some of them sobering, some of them uncanny, and some of them off the charts in super awesomeness. Here's our Top 5 most memorable Twin Cities food stories of the year:

chef shack.jpg
Jana Freiband
1. Street food gains momentum. While Chef Shack's been around a couple years, it's not til this year that street food started to get some more mainstream traction in the Twin Cities. Eat Curbside, Magic Bus Cafe and Barrio all popped up with their own versions of street eats this year. We're betting more are on the horizon.

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