Top 5: Most memorable food/drink commercials of the decade

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It was a tough fight, what with all those Coke and Pepsi, Budweiser and Bud Light, Quizno's and Subway ads to contend with. Let's just say there are more than a handful of memorable food and drink ads from the last decade. Super Bowl ads alone could make up a laundry list of them. If it weren't for the 2000s we wouldn't have Jared the Subway guy, those weird Quizno's rat things and countless sexually suggestive fast food ads featuring countless starlets of the moment. Here's our reluctant Top 5:

1. No list of ads would be complete without a Super Bowl ad. (Furthermore, if we may, none would be complete without Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg - squeal!). This year, Pepsi's saying "Hasta la vista" to the Super Bowl, so we thought we'd top the list with one of the soft drink giant's more memorable Super Bowl ads from the last decade. Bonus points for gratuitous crotch humor.

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