100 Favorite Dishes: Chef Shack hot dog

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2010, coming this spring, Hot Dish is serving up a hundred of our favorite local dishes. Send your own nominations to hotdish@citypages.com.

Teddy Hobbins

No. 87: Chef Shack hot dog

There are few things waiting in long lines for. Among them: upside-down roller coasters, State Fair cheese curds, photos with strange sports team mascots, and Minnesota Zoo concert tickets. Add Chef Shack hot dogs to this exclusive list. Pretty much anything at Chef Shack is worth waiting in line for (Beet ice cream? Yes. Indian-spiced mini-donuts? Uh huh. Tomato watermelon gazpacho? Abso-effing-lutely.) Hell, the condiment station alone -- populated by a rainbow of curried mango, kimchee, pickled onions, and assorted mustards, among other things -- is alone worth a wait. It's the condiment selection that elevates Chef Shack's hot dog to "100 Favorite Dishes" status. The hefty, rich dog -- made with local, grass-fed and delectable Thousand Hills beef -- is impressive enough solo, but the creative and thoughtfully-chosen adornment options really give this dog some staying power, easily providing a summer-full of fantastic options. Curb eating never tasted so good.

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