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As we reported a few months ago, the former Cafe Havana space is set to reopen its doors with a new menu and new ownership. Called Haute Dish, the restaurant has us excited for two main reasons. There is, of course, its seasonal American menu, which features traditional Midwestern dishes such as tater tots, chicken and dumplings, and pork and beans. And then there's the fact that the venture is the brainchild of Landon Schoenefeld, aka "Colonel Mustard," one of the area's most colorful and notorious young chefs.

"I've been getting serious about doing this ever since I got canned by the Bulldog," he explained, with all due candor. In advance of next month's planned opening, he shared details of the restaurant plus some appetizing photos with Hot Dish.

Haute Dish won't have a big menu--only about 21 items, Schoenefeld says. Appetizers will range from $6 to $14, while entrees will be between $15 and $30. (If you want to take a look, we've got a few photos included at the end of this post.)

While Schoenefeld is the driving force behind the restaurant, he says he's been "humbled" by his who's-who supporting cast, a long list that includes Adam Vickerman of Tosca, Remle Colestock of Levain, and Erik Anderson of Sea Change.

For those who fondly remember the high ceilings and colorful drapery of the Havana, Schoenefeld says the cosmetics of the building will remain largely unchanged, with the warm color scheme and vintage bar intact.  "You can't mess with that bar," he says.  "I think it's from the '20s or something; it's one of the most beautiful ones in downtown."  The only considerable change to will be the kitchen expansion.

As for when the restaurant will open, the exact date remains uncertain.  "We'll be opening sometime in February," Schoenefeld said.  The original plan was to open in January but that's been pushed back while the necessary permits and licenses are approved.  "Right now, it's kind of at the mercy of the city."

Haute Dish, located at 119 Washington Ave. N., will be open 4 pm to 2 am Sunday through Saturday, with the full menu available till 11 pm Sundays and till 1 am the rest of the week.

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