Drink of the week: The Craftsman's Cosmopolitan Beet


The Cosmopolitan Beet

The Craftsman
4300 Lake St., Mpls.

In the site originally occupied in the 1940s by The Sippi Bar (the best bar name, ever) something really cool is going on; Like a fancy grandma's house, jars full of homemade-goodness surround. On the restaurant's shelves onions are pickling, syrups are flavoring, bitters are bittering, and liquors are infusing-- each with the freshest ingredients, locally-grown whenever possible. I heard the tale of a giant cauldron of sauerkraut getting vinegary and delicious in the basement and it was all I could do to restrain from running down the steps for a peek.

It is with this DIY attitude that bar-master Steve Filla--who not surprisingly is also a painter--has crafted an incredible drink menu, one that changes with the seasons. After trying several winter selections, I found that there was not a clunker in the bunch, but my heart went to the Cosmopolitan Beet. A dazzling variation of the tired old Cosmopolitan, Filla infuses vodka with fresh beets (in my favorite vessel -the mason jar) creating a liqueur both delicately flavored and beautifully colored. From there it is simple--add triple sec, shake, serve up and ice-cold.

The scent is soft; the vodka has just the right amount of infusion. The taste is candied --the beet only a whisper at the finish creating a perfect balance. Like this selection, unique and beautifully prepared cocktails are the way of the Craftsman, a great addition to the cities fave cocktail destinations.

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