Food Fight: Bulldog-N.E. vs. Bulldog-Uptown tots

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Pirate Alice/Flickr
Lots of people seem to think Bulldog-Northeast's food is heads and shoulders above its Uptown brethren. Northeast's menu -- with its steak tartare, truffle burger, and pickle plate -- as opposed to the more pared-down and straightforward burgers, apps, and other typical array of pub grub at the Uptown location definitely give it a "cut-above-the-rest" impression. But how does this theory actually hold up? Tater tots seem like an easy enough, un-screw-upable target to test it out. So here you have it:

Bulldog-Northeast's tater tots jump out of the starting box strong. Even their plastic basket and grease-dotted liner can't stifle the fact that these are some good looking tots. They're an almost angelic golden color, with visible salt granules hugging many of them, and (this is a good thing) pregnant with grease. As with other foods -- croissants and certain doughnuts for example -- a good ratio between crisp crunchy exterior and pillowy, soft interior is key to a tasty execution. And Northeast's got it down. Unless otherwise specified, the tots come flanked by a faintly tangy, faintly spicy, sherbet-colored sriracha mayo. Cost: $4-6 depending on how you want them. Half off at Happy Hour.

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