Food Fight: Falafel King vs. Wally's falafel

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Comparing falafel is sorta like comparing burgers. They're all in the same ballpark, but that's sorta where the similarities end. Like burgers, falafel sandwiches can differ dramatically in how they're made, the quality of their ingredients and toppings, and the freshness of their vehicle, the all-important pita. The potential for drastically different results in two different takes was underscored by a comparison between two local falafel sandwiches. See how they compare:

Uptown late-night haunt Falafel King serves up a falafel sandwich that comes bearing two decent-sized balls, a scattering of iceberg, tahini dressing, and just two tomato slices. The falafel itself looked and tasted like it was cut with cornmeal, its flavor indistinct. The accoutrements were equally unimpressive, and biting into the pita made me feel a little like a dog violently shaking a toy back and forth. The best thing going for it was the tangy tahini dressing, though there wasn't enough of it to boost the quality of the rest. All in all, a little weak for $4.59.

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