Food Fight: Spyhouse vs. Tillie's Bean chai

Categories: Food Fight

Like SmartWool, space heaters, and Netflix subscriptions, warm beverages are a cold weather staple. And there's only so many dark roasts you can slug before you start looking for other options to work into the rotation. Pumpkin lattes? Tried 'em. Mexican hot chocolate? Been there, done that. This week, we're giving chai a shot to win our winter hearts.

Spyhouse has these great, wide-mouth mugs for drinks in-house that take two hands to hold -- a sweet bonus for cold winter hands. Their organic, Sattwa-brand chai comes with a sweet, thick pillow of froth at the top that I spent the entire drink chasing around the mug rim as it got smaller and smaller. The flavor is light and spice-forward, not too sweet or thick as some chais can be. Cost: A 16oz serving goes for $3.80.

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