Top 10: Hot Dish blog posts of 2009

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Okay, we promise we're going to stop looking back on the year that was, but just thought you might be interested in a list of the top 10 traffic-generating blog posts of 2009. Here's a window into the minds of online readers, via the stories that made 'em click:

10. Top 5: The decade's best wearable food
9. How Stuff Works breaks down top 10 fast food ingredients
8. Top 5: The decade's stupidest food products
7. Top 5: Best local restaurant names
6. Top 5: Worst Halloween candies ever
5. 10 worst dining trends of the decade
4. Now Open: Zake
3. Burger King releases (spews?) blow job ad
2. Oprah's free KFC coupon sparks riots
1. Disabled stripper wants Constitutional right to White Castle Slyders

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