Food Fight: French Meadow vs. Patrick's Bakery chocolate cake

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Here's an idea for the State Fair: deep-fried chocolate cake on a stick. It would be like a warm, fresh brownie, only with a kicky crunch. It would be like a chocolate doughnut, only with fudge-y interior frosting. It would be like a Twinkie, only with ingredients containing less than four syllables. See, that's the thing about chocolate cake. It's good no matter what. While we busy ourselves with our future award-winning State Fair recipe, see how two local chocolate cakes match up:

The best chocolate cakes, like the best candy bars, inspire creativity. All you Twix manglers and Reese's freaks know what we're talking about here. French Meadow's Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake ($4.50) has all these beautiful, separate components to peel and swipe. I even got out some pretzels at one point to cut away sections of the thick, fudge-y frosting. Each portion -- bouncy cake layers, buttery filling, and heavyweight frosting -- goes a capella with ease, and the whole package: divine.

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