'Tacos and Tits and Ass' mates girls with Mexican food

This is taking 'food porn' a bit too literally: March 2010 sees the release of Tacos and Tits and Ass, a coffee table book that splices images of naked women with photos featuring heaping piles of Mexican food.

Author Tony Stamolis serves up 148 pages of just what the title suggests: tits and ass in the form of (often tattooed) sex kittens splayed out next to what Little Tijuana's simply calls "dinner."

A book like this -- and are there really any other books like this? -- raises a few questions. First, do we need the excuse of tacos to look at, ahem, tacos? Porn has become so mainstream the food images seem like an unnecessary buffer. And second, isn't sharing your steamy naked photo with a pile of rice and beans sort of a bummer for these models?

Get a sample of the whole enchilada here, where you can also pre-order your own copy.

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