Top 5: Food-related Super Bowl ads

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Is it just us, or were this year's Super Bowl ads pretty weak? Ok, so the Boost Mobile Super Bowl Shuffle reprise was pretty sweet. And Favre's self-mocking Hyundai commercial wasn't bad. But that Doritos commercial with the little kid slapping the letch who checked out his mom? Weird. Or the one with Danica Patrick getting a massage? Please. And those Denny's chickens? Those just don't make sense. Plus, where are all the celebs we've grown so used to seeing? The Super Bowl's all about high-powered celebrity endorsements. Are we actually supposed to be content with Charles Barkley's lame attempt at rapping, Betty White playing football, and T-Pain asking to "please pass the guacamole?" We were still able to weed some passable stuff out. The food ads, in general, were a cut above in general. Here's our Top 5 food-related ads from Super Bowl XLIV:

Betty White's done a terrific job of remaining relevant. Did you see her guest appearance on 30 Rock? You gotta admit, lady's still got it goin on. We like her sense of humor about herself, and the Snickers ad that aired right off the bat during Sunday's game is no exception.

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