Top 5: Most low-brow Valentine's Day dinners

Have you been Googling "valentine's day cheap" lately? Perhaps you and your Sweet Baboo simply, ah, prefer all-you-can-eat restaurants, fast food, and animal gonads? It's one thing to need to go for an affordable option, quite another to openly pursue eating five Slyders on Valentine's Day. You might just have twisted senses of humor. We can respect that. Here's our Top 5 low-brow Valentine's Day dinner suggestions:

1. White Castle. In an attempt at what ... kitsch (?) White Castle's offering a sit-down dinner over candlelight this Valentine's Day, not to mention a prix fixe menu: 10 Slyders, two 21 oz. sodas and two regular fries for $10.79. The burger chain has been offering "Valentine's Day seating" for almost 20 years now. Call 651-646-1811 ext. 12 to score a table. Time slots available from 5 - 8 p.m.

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