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The earthquake that struck Chile late last month took a toll on the country's wine industry, with more than 12 percent of its "cellared wine" lost according to the Washington Post. "About 70 percent of Chilean production takes place in areas badly affected by the quake, including the Maule, Colchagua and Cachapoal valleys, all key areas for Chilean wine production," the paper reports. In response to the devastation, which included the tragic loss of hundreds of lives, funds have been established to donate to those who have suffered losses related to the quake. Some are recommending consumers simply buy more Chilean wine. Here are five local wine shops' top Chilean wine recommendations:

Rubber Slippers in Italy/Flickr
1. Andy Hall, wine manager at Surdyk's, recommends a few of Cono Sur's "bicycle series" wines, particularly the carménère (a red, "kind of becoming" Chile's signature grape), pinot noir, and the viognier (a "relatively full-bodied white") varietals. Hall describes them as "everyday, affordable wines." Each runs $10.99 a bottle but can frequently be had for just $7 or $8, he says.



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