Lose weight: eat McNuggets!

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It seems like an unholy union: Weight Watchers and McDonald's are teaming up (in New Zealand, at least) to promote healthy eating via McNuggets and the Filet-O-Fish.

The new partnership will features the Weight Watchers logo on the McDonald's menu board, while the weight loss giant will tout McDonald's to its clients as a fun and easy way to lose weight.

Naturally, the idea has health experts up in arms over the idea that chicken McNuggets have any redeeming value, let alone the ability to help dieters lose weight, with many saying the deal is purely about marketing.

While the Weight Watchers partnership is only available in New Zealand (so far), you can--if you're deranged enough--easily access the meal suggestions via their local McDonald's site here. From what I can tell, there are only three real recommendations: the Filet-O-Fish with a salad and Diet Coke, McNugget with a salad and Diet Coke, or a chicken wrap with water. Dig in!

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Interesting. I'm not sure that I buy into that...even if it's low calorie or whatever it's claiming to be, the preservatives and artificial flavors and colors they put into MacDonald's food still aren't good for you. I guess Weight Watchers is concerned about losing weight, not preservatives, but "unholy union" is right!

Grace | http://www.rebalanceweightloss.net

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