St. Patrick's Day eats: Top 5

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There's way more to St. Patrick's day than green beer. There's also Jameson, Bushmills, Bailey's, Bulmer's, Big Gingers, and mead for example. Irish food can get lost somewhere between all the Irish Car Bombs, Harps, and Guinness. It's easy to write off. You won't find any reduction sauce or truffle oil here. But the very things that make it sort of wallflowery are also what make it so effin good: It's simple, hearty, and wholesome (with an incidence of carbs to die for). Here are our Top 5 recs for where to get some St. Patrick's Day eats, some a little more Irish than others:

1. Merlin's Rest will have several food specials on St. Patrick's Day, including a $9.95 corned beef and cabbage meal available from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., fish and chips starting at 2 p.m., and a variety of cold sandwiches later in the night. We're especially digging the sounds of the special "Merlin's Irish Stew" that will be available on the big day, described as similar to the restaurant's Guinness Stew by the restaurant manager.

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