Easter candy: Top 5

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​After laying into the featured foods of various holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving among them) we thought we'd go easy on Easter. That's not to say there's not gross Easter stuff out there (including, most notably, Brach's jelly beans), but this time around, instead of naming the grossest or weirdest, we're just keeping it simple and going with straight-up best--a decision made easier by not having to contend with, say, candy corn or canned cranberries. Our Top 5 fave Easter candies are as follows:

1. Reese's peanut butter eggs. In substance, these are just like regular Reese's peanut butter cups, but as far as style goes, this novelty take meets and exceeds the classic. The eggs are thicker around the middle, providing a heftier dose of precious peanut butter. The smooth exterior, lacking the cups' trademark wrinkled edges and equally wrinkled paper wrappers, is more aesthetic. Plus there's the simplicity of getting just one per package. Doubling up is so Little Caesar's, and even they stopped doing it years ago.

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