Tuna Nachos: Worlds collide

Categories: Rob Barrett

I love sushi, and I love nachos.

I'll skip the cute anecdote (something about tripping while walking with nachos and seared tuna) and just tell you what I did, and what you should really try.


Start with a pile of chips on an oven-safe plate. Add some fresh mozzarella cut into cubes 1/2-inch square, melt under broiler for a minute or so until cheese just melts.


Then add thinly sliced raw tuna (add a little salt and pepper to the tuna) and Tzatziki sauce. (Greek sauce from Costco).

Place back under broiler until tuna just starts to brown (about 30 seconds).
You want the undersides still raw if possible.

Add some pomegranate seeds. Serve. Yum.


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