Twins' new Target Field concessions: Top 5

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Good news about the new Target Field's concessions: They've really stepped up to the plate. Hungry fans will no longer have to settle for plastic-cheese-topped nachos and those ice cream cups with the little wooden paddles.


Hot dogs and baseball fans go together like chewing tobacco and baseball players, right? The Hormel Dome Dog's replacement, Schweigert's Big Dog, is just what a hot dog should be: juicy, salty, and flavor-packed. The bun's a little thick and the name's a little lame--perhaps they'll consider Target Tubesteak?--but it's a solid execution for what it's just that what it is is a little boring compared to your other options. Here are my top picks from among the items I sampled last week:


5. Asian Wok Stir Fry
What is Chinese food doing at a baseball stadium? Who cares. The Asian Wok stir fry comes in a cute little takeout container: taut, pliable noodles and fresh vegetables--carrots, peppers, bok choy!--in a pungent, slightly spicy sauce.


4. The Vincent Burger
The one I sampled wasn't quite as good as those at Vincent's restaurant, but a burger stuffed with smoked gouda and braised short-rib meat and tucked into a pillowy egg bun is a major improvement on the typical institutional-grade frozen patty.

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