Barrio's Old Cuban: Drink of the week

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Old Cuban

925 Nicollet Mall, Mpls.
235 E. 6th St., St. Paul 651.222.3250

There is something that many drinkers agree upon: mojitos are yummy. Rum, lime, mint, and a little something sweet equals warm weather drinking pleasure. Not content with serving any old mojito, Barrio makes theirs with a little something extra we call love. And in this case love means Mount Gay Rum, from warm and sunny Barbados, the freshest of crisp mint, a splash of bubbly cava, and a touch of bitters. Sipping this cocktail is like drinking from a mountain stream, so light, clear and delicate is she. Plus, the bitters give the drink a depth and finish that makes the proceeding more interesting. Also a believer that a lovely atmosphere makes drinks taste better, both Barrio locations add to the pleasure with their modern day Frieda Kahlo-esque black iron, red paint, and candlelit vibe.

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Barrio Tequila Bar & Cafe

925 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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