Salsa Lisa vs. Gimemo vs. Snappy Dog Salsas: Food Fight

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We here at Hot Dish are partial to making our own salsa--tomatillos, red onion, garlic, cilantro, and lime, with a few pulses in the food processor--but sometimes, in a pinch, we'll pick up a jar of the stuff. A lot of the big supermarket brands always taste so flat, like the veggies have been cooked within an inch of their lives. Fortunately, these three locally made salsas pack a lot more punch: the original Minnesota-made salsa, Salsa Lisa, and two newcomers, Gimemo and Snappy Dog. In honor of National Salsa Month, we put 'em to a taste-off: Here's how they handled the heat.


Salsa Lisa
The Backstory: Nearly two decades ago, Lisa Nicholson was a student with a prolific tomato garden who turned some of the spoils into salsa and sold it at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. Recently, the California food company Calavo Growers Inc. bought a majority of the company, though Nicholson still oversees manufacturing operations and product development. The salsa continues to be made in St. Paul and is distributed in 10 states; a national rollout is expected.
Where to buy: Cub Foods, Kowalski's, Target, co-ops. A 16 oz. jar costs about $4.
Taste: Salsa Lisa is one of the few salsas sold in the refrigerator case, and it has a fresh, gazpacho-like quality to it. The taste is tomato heavy and fairly straightforward--almost like pasta sauce with a little jalapeno tossed in. The Hot version is not very hot.

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