Grand Ole Creamery vs. Liberty Frozen Custard in a battle of banana splits

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Since searching for the perfect root beer float, we had another hankering for a summery ice cream classic: the banana split. We staged a food fight between Grand Ole Creamery and Liberty Frozen Custard to see who had the best. While both versions brought us closer to 5,000 calories a day (and 5 a day!), the champion was clear.

Grand Ole Creamery banana split
A.J. Olmscheid
Grand Ole Creamery
4737 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis

Grand Ole Creamery's banana split, $5.36 after tax, is a huge amount of food. The banana disappeared alongside three tennis ball-sized mounds of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, though you can substitute other flavors) covered in chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple syrup and topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherries. Is the coffin-shaped serving dish foreshadowing the massive diabetic coma this split could cause?

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Grand Ole Creamery

750 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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