Campbell's recalls 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs (Uh Oh!)

Holy undercooked meatballs! Campbell's announced yesterday that they are recalling 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs after a cooker in Paris, Texas failed to heat them properly. The resulting cans could make consumers sick.

If you've got cans of SpaghettiOs sitting in your cupboard, you're probably screwed either way. We're actually kind of kidding because we appreciated a bowl of Spaghettios as kids. But still, the thought of it now is kind of gross.

How do you know if you've got a bad can of SpaghettiOs? The recall include three types: SpaghettiOs with Meatballs in 14.75-ounce cans; SpaghettiOs A to Z with Meatballs in 14.75-ounce cans; and SpaghettiOs Fun Shapes with Meatballs (Cars) in 14.75-ounce cans.

The expiration date on the call will be between June 2010 and December 2011 and the can will be marked with "EST 4K".

If you have cans matching this description, you can return them to the store you purchased from for a full refund. So far, there have been no reported illness from the undercooked cans of goodness.

And as if imagining the joys of eating an undercooked SpaghettiOs meatball didn't turn your stomach, watch this man down a giant bowl of the canned treat:

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