New restaurant policy: Clean your plate--or else

Clean plate club
iLoveButter via
Clean your plate, or don't show your face around here again.
Sustainably run restaurants can shock diners used to free-flowing Coke products, disposable napkins, and plate-filling portions. But we have yet to hear of a Twin Cities restauranteur audacious enough to enforce a clean-plate policy. For that you'd have to travel to Yukako Ichikawa's restaurant, Wafu, in Sydney, Australia.

Ichikawa isn't kidding around about her philosophy. While diners who clear their plate receive a 30 percent discount, those who don't can expect to be asked not to come back, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. Ichikawa's reasoning is simple: She's horrified that people die from hunger, so she won't allow waste in her restaurant.

Is it really "guilty-free Japanese food," as the menu says, if you're made to swallow the chef's philosophy along with the food?

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