Fathers Day Eats: Top 5

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Is anybody's dad a vegetarian? Good. Because we're going with an all-meat theme for our Top 5 Father's Day picks.

5. Clancy's
Our first choice? Pick up the goods at Clancy's and grill your own. The Linden Hills butcher sells steaks, ground beef, poultry, and more, all from local purveyors whose animals are sustainably raised. How about some homemade Jucy Lucy's, stuffed with your cheese of choice? (Just not American, please!) If you're feeling especially gourmet, check out this Working Class Foodies episode on how to make your own buns and condiments, too.

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Alma Guzman
4. Anchor Fish & Chips
Want an awesome burger, but don't want to make it yourself? Try the Helicopter Burger at Anchor Fish & Chips--yes, we know it seems a little counterintuitive to order a burger at a fish and chips shop, but trust us! This year's Best Burger winner is known as a "dude burger" by the staff, as its grass-fed beef patty is topped with a heart attack: Irish cheddar, Fischer Farms ham, and a sizzling fried egg. For more great burgers, check out our all-time Top 10 list.

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