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Michelle Leon
Forum--a marvel in historic preservation.
Restaurateur Jim Ringo--also of Ringo --has lovingly restored the space at 40 South Seventh Street, most recently occupied by Goodfellows, into a wonder of historic preservation. In the '20s, the space was occupied by the Saxe Theater, a large movie house, and in 1930 became the Forum Cafeteria. In the '70s, the building was remodeled; however, every tile and fixture was numbered, cataloged and stored. The current incarnation of Forum is a tile-by-tile, fixture-by-fixture re-creation of the original Forum Cafeteria. While the atmosphere is pure vintage, the menu has modern takes on old classics--like Lobster Mac-n-Cheese--and classic cuts like rib eye and lamb chops are given a new spin. See the beauty of Forum's space and dishes in this slideshow.

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5331 W. 16th St., Minneapolis, MN

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