Grain Belt Nordeast @ Mayslack's: Drink of the week

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Grain Belt Nordeast
Tap $4.50, bottle $3.75
Bloody Mary with a chaser $5.50

1428 4th Street N.E., Minneapolis

One of the very best places in Minneapolis is the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, driving across the Mississippi and seeing the Grain Belt sign, that giant silver bottle cap with a red label filling up the blue sky. And when you get across that bridge, this is the moment when you have reached Northeast, the neighborhood with a unique mix of old world and new, the Mississippi flowing through, and some of the best bars in the world. Mayslack's is definitely one of the most beloved, which is why this particular bar is the perfect place to order a Grain Belt Nordeast. This is not a fancy-pants beer, and that is just how it should be. You have your Nordeast right out of the tap with a creamy foam top, ice cold and straight out of the bottle, or, my favorite way, as a chaser for a perfect bloody Mary garnished with both a pickle and a beef stick. This beer is simple, amber, not too hoppy or sweet, but deeper and richer than regular Grain Belt--ideal for drinking with your buds in an old brick bar in one of the best places in the world.

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Mayslack's Music Lounge

1428 4th St. NE, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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