Grilled Upside-Down Pizza--great for dinner ... and dessert!

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Fresh bread from fired ovens in Cairo
It was a great way to wake up. Each morning the scent of fresh bread would waft through the window like a large pita bread alarm clock. Eventually I would get to know the guys who worked the large ovens with their bare hands, starting in the middle of the night and working into the day. Cairo is hot in the summer, and I didn't envy them.

While an upside-down pizza isn't exactly the same thing, parts of it remind me of those guys: a hot stove, fresh bread, and a great smell. Of all the ways of grilling a pizza, this is usually the most successful. The heat of the grilled bread ensures the cheese will melt, and the fast cooking time gives the bread a crisp outside and a tender and chewy inside. It's more of a method than a recipe, so be sure to watch the video.

For the dough, combine these ingredients in a large bowl.
1 cup warm water
1 spoonful yeast
1 spoonful sugar

Stir and wait 4 minutes. Add:
1 spoonful salt
2 spoonfuls olive oil

Stir to combine. Add 3 cups flour and stir until it forms a big ball. Take the ball out and knead it for 2 minutes. Place back in bowl and let it rise for 30 minutes. Then cook as shown in the video.
You can also just add parmesan cheese and use it like a pita or break off parts during the meal.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Cook well,
Rob Barrett, Jr.

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