Holy Land gets New York Times shout-out for flavored hummus craze

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Check your fridge. Perhaps you have a delicious little tub of roasted red pepper or jalapeno hummus. Busted!

Apparently Holy Land figured us out. They were able to take a traditional staple of their home country Kuwait and add flavors so Americans would actually eat it. It worked!

The New York Times gave a big shout-out to Minneapolis's Holy Land for making Americans love hummus. Only if it's flavored.

"Back home, they would shoot me in the head for doing this to hummus," Majdi Wadi, Holy Land's chief executive, told the NY Times. Traditional hummus is pureed chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon, and garlic. None of these red peppers, guacamole, or their latest invention, peanut butter. Ick.

Holy Land now creates 14 flavors of hummus. They are marketing it to Costco in hopes of widening their distribution and taking over their world one hummus tub at a time.

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