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Michelle Bruch
Joe's Garage wants to offer music with a view. What will the neighbors think?

Joe's Garage wants to give you one more reason to snag a seat outside: How about live music on the roof?

Owner Joe Kaplan says it's hard to cram indoor shows into the bar area, which can only fit about 35 people. Diners always want to sit out on the rooftop, so Kaplan wants to bring the entertainment out to them.

The music would be amplified and loud "without pissing off the neighbors," Kaplan says.

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Michelle Bruch
To avoid disturbing neighbors, Joe's Garage would maintain total control of the music volume.

And if the neighbors can't hear the music, then Kaplan figures the music could run until closing time. To help contain the noise, Kaplan wants "100 percent control of the sound." Musicians would plug into a sound system that would allow restaurant staff to control the soundboard.

Kaplan already has a liquor license that allows him to host bands. To make sure there is no problem with outdoor concerts, however, he's asking for support from the Loring Park neighborhood, and he's asking city officials to sign off on the plan.

After operating the restaurant for 14 years, "I just want to do it," Kaplan says. "Ideally it would be something like 'Joe's Garage Unplugged,' and we would play any kind of music we want."

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