Local, organic or conventional strawberries: Which is sweetest?

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Local strawberries just started appearing at The Wedge Community Co-op this week, and the website for the St. Paul Farmers Market says strawberries should be in stock this weekend. We here at Hot Dish decided to do a little taste test: What's the difference between local sustainable, organic, and conventional strawberries?

A.J. Olmscheid
Local strawberries (Silkey Gardens in Northfield, Minnesota)

The sustainably grown local strawberries, $3.99 a package at the Wedge, were the smallest of the bunch. They smelled divine--maybe it's just the end of a long winter teething on root vegetables that made us think that--and their taste was sweet-tart. A little tartness is to be expected, since strawberries are a fruit that can be grown from Scandinavia to South America. Hence, their sugar level varies depending on the climate they grow in, so Minnesota strawberries should be less sweet than their California counterparts.

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The Wedge Community Co-op

2105 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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