D'Amico's Parma 8200--see the sneak-peak video

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Parma, meet Bloomington at D'Amico's newest eatery
Gray skies have you hankering for chicken Parmesan or pasta carbonara? Parma 8200, D'Amico's newest venture, is having its soft opening tonight.

We gave you a few details about the place earlier this week, but if you want a sneak peak at how they've transformed a Bloomington office park into an Italian trattoria, check out this video introduction and interview with proprietor Richard D'Amico:

D'Amico Partners: Parma 8200 Restaurant Opening- Interview with Richard D'Amico 6.24.10 from D'Amico & Partners on Vimeo.

If you want to see the rest of Richard D'Amico's interview or see what progress has been made on the restaurant's forthcoming super-posh patio, click here.

Location Info

Parma 8200

5600 W. 83rd St., Bloomington, MN

Category: Restaurant

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