Parmesan sale at Whole Foods, France 44

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Attention pesto-makers: Parmigiano is on sale at Whole Foods Market in Minneapolis today for $9.99 a pound (normally $22.99 a pound) until 10 p.m. Grab some basil from the farmers market or your garden, and the only ingredient you'll have to splurge on is pine nuts (or save by subbing in pumpkin seeds). And in case you don't get to the grocery store today, we compared the Whole Foods discount with a few other metro cheese shops:

Surdyk's sells Parmesan Reggiano for $15.99 a pound.

France 44 is selling its Parmesan Reggiano at a 15% discount "even though Italy lost," says one of their cheesemongers, and is out of the World Cup. Normally $20 a pound, it's $17 a pound through July 11.

Whole Foods Market
3060 Excelsior Boulevard, Minneapolis
(612) 927-8141

Hat tip to The Heavy Table.

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