Izzy's, Sebastian Joe's, Dairy Queen, and more: Who makes the best root beer float?

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Summer is the season for root beer floats, when we can burn off the calories from such sugary indulgences on a bike or the baseball diamond. We here at The Hot Dish decided to stage a float fight at a few of the Cities' ice cream hot spots: Izzy's Ice Cream, Minnesota's oldest Dairy Queen in Roseville, Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream Cafe, and the concessions stand at Lake Harriet.

Root beer float at Izzy's
Lisa Gulya
Izzy's Ice Cream

The price tag for Izzy's root beer float ($5.75) made us raise our eyebrows at first, but we discovered the float made a healthy helping for two. Izzy's uses Sprecher Root Beer, made in Milwaukee, which was the favorite in a taste test of 25 root beers for the New York Times' food and wine writer Eric Asimov. To sweeten the deal, at Izzy's they don't just top off the float with root beer--they hand over the whole bottle. Izzy's also lets you choose which ice cream to add to the float. While one employee's mother had just come in for a float with soy blueberry ice cream, we stayed closer to the classic version, jazzing it up just a bit with vanilla bean ice cream.

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Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe

2034 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, MN

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